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You are here: Home » News » Underground Fuel Tank and Related Refueling Station Pipeline’s Installation

Underground Fuel Tank and Related Refueling Station Pipeline’s Installation

Views:31     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-26      Origin:Site

In order to set up the underground tank and refueling station related pipleline safely and smoothly,plz follow up the following steps:

1) The fuel tank and pipeline should be done by local well known design department, and get approval of the police and fire protection department. Plz don’t design by yourself to insure the safety.

Diagram 12 is the vertical layout of oil pipeline installation of the machine and mutual system. Installation hints of the machine, pipeline, tank matching design in diagram12 are just for reference .

2) The oil transporting pipe connecting the machine and the tank should incline to the tank, the pitch can adopt 1.5%-2.0%.

3) The fuel tank should be buried under ground, setting the tank inside of room or basement is forbidden. The thickness of the soil covered on the tank should be no less than 0.5m, which is relative with the allowed suction distance of the machine and the local frozen earth thickness.

The tank should not be buried in the soil with dregs and another caustic chemical matters ,so after installation, around the tank should be filled non- caustic matters, such as clear sand or tiny soil, thickness is no less than 0.3m.

4) Generally speaking, the horizontal distance from the machine to the tank is 20m, sometimes according to different condition, it is also normal if the distance excesses 20m, but the pipeline must not leak air. The vertical distance between the lowest oil surface of the tank and oil inlet of the machine is no more than 4m. The diameter of the pipe connecting the machine and the tank should be 11/2", do not change the diameter by yourself ,pipeline system should take least elbow bends, and inside of the pipe should be cleared off .

5) The joints on the pipe line should be reliable and air-proof, two ends connected with flange should connect with conductive wire. The whole tank and the pipeline system should be under safe grounding condition, and pass the pressure-resistant test, no oil leaking is eligible, before passing the test, do not bury pipeline pit or pour the oil into the tank.

6) The bottom of the loading pipe inside of the tank should equipped with bottom valve, the axes of bottom valve is lead shape, and the distance to the bottom of the tank is 100mm, after closing the bottom valve, there should be with high air-proof performance. The performance of the bottom valve has great effect on the normal usage of the machine, which must be cautiously chosen and installed.

7)Do not make the tanke half appeared above of the ground,or above the ground or put at high position.If the oil inside of the tank is higher than oil-gas separator, the exhausting pipe of the separator will happen over-filling, which causes unsafe working condition.

If you use these tanks, you should pressurizes the exhausting pipe firstly to avoid overflowing oil .

8) Matching the tank with the machine: When one tank supplies oil to two or more machines, each machine should take single pipeline, do not parallel connected pipeline at halfway to avoid intervening one into another.

If one machine sucks oil from two or more tanks, which should be equipped with necessary valve, when refueling plz just open the using valve, the others should be closed.Generally speaking, the principle of matching the machine with the fuel tank is that one fuel tank, one bottom valve, one pipe line and one machine, if not the machine will not work normally.


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