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Main Structure of A Fuel Station Fuel Dispenser

Views:40     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-26      Origin:Site

As an ordinary fuel dispenser, it mainly consists of liquid positive displacement flowmeter, pump and some other auxiliary parts. According to different working environment, the pump can be divided into many types, such as filling station fuel dispensing pump and mechanical display fuel dispensing pump. In order to let you have a preliminary knowledge of fuel dispenser pump and choose the right one, here take fuel dispensing pump as an example, we will introduce its basic structures and main applications for you.

Generally speaking, fuel station is mainly composed of fuel pump, oil-gas separator, flow meter, motor, fuel nozzle, solenoid valve, counting sensor, computer device and other components. As we all known, computer device is the control center of operation, counter display and data storage for fuel dispenser, which obtains signals through the fuel nozzle switch, and then let the dispenser begin to refuel through motor and fuel dispenser solenoid valve. Fuel pump is the power source of hydraulic system. The fuel pump is responsible for oil suction from Fuel Dispenser Solenoid Valve, and sending it to oil head through oil-gas separator, flow meter, solenoid valve and fuel nozzle under the effect of motor. Oil-gas separator is an important component to guarantee accuracy measurement of fuel dispenser, which is responsible for the oil and gas separation of oil sent by oil pump and discharging the separated gas from dispenser.

Under the influence of fuel pump, the fuel will mix some mixtures when coming into the high pressure chamber. Before these compositions getting into the flow meter, oil and gas separation must be conducted to avoid gases in the oil supplied to users. Flow meter is a core component of positive displacement measurement in fuel dispenser, which is responsible for the positive displacement measurement of fuel sent by oil and gas separator, and then sending oil into oil head through the solenoid valve and fuel nozzle. At the same time, it will transmit the mechanical rotation signals to counting sensor during the process of flow counting.

The role of counting sensor is to change the mechanical rotation signals into electrical pulse signal. Mobile Fuel Dispenser Unit is a valve switch of hydraulic system, which mainly consists of large and small valves and fuel dispenser nozzle. These two parts are respectively controlled by fuel dispenser and computer device. The application of solenoid valve is to increase the quantitative accuracy of refuel dispenser. Fuel nozzle is a refueling tool used for oil head. During refueling, when the oil head is full with oil, fuel nozzle can automatically turn off the main and auxiliary valve to prevent oil from spilingl. If the fuel dispenser disrupts to supply oil for oil head, the auxiliary valve is able to close the outlet immediately to prevent the oil continuous flowing. As for the fuel nozzle switch, it is an electrical control switch to start refueling process. For convenience, fuel nozzle switch is usually linked with the nozzle holder component to automatically start the dispenser refueling.

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