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Fuel Dispenser Maintenance Skills

Views:25     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-26      Origin:Site

Fuel dispenser is used to provide fuel for the power equipments. The main fuel dispenser parts are include flow meter, fuel pump, fuel nozzle, fuel dispenser counter, solenoid valve etc. We are one of the most strengthful fuel dispenser manufacturer of China. As we all know, good maintenance plays a key role in retaining high working efficiency and prolonging long service life. Then, here we Xuzhou Desheng Petrol Machine Co.,Ltd. try to provide some maintenance tips for fuel dispenser.


Regular clean is the most important. The external shell, surface and each pipe should be washed at the regular intervals so as to make sure favorable heat dissipation performance. Besides, the internal parts, including fuel pumps and dispensers, oil-gas separator, electric motor and gauge table should be disassembled and be cleaned thoroughly, which will decide the operation condition directly. At the meantime, the firmness of driving belt, inlet wire inside junction box and ground lead should be checked regularly. They may cause human injury if they get loose. Therefore, the safest method is to check their working conditions regularly and replace them once they are out of work.


The sound of fuel dispenser under working also should be taken into full consideration. In general, if there is something wrong with the fuel dispensing filters, the big noise will be sent out. Thus, the fuel dispenser in good condition will work silently. Meanwhile, the thunderstorm will happen now and then in the summer. In order to avoid the attack caused by thunder and lighting, better the working power switch had been cut off.


Filter screen plays a key role in extracting pure fuel. However, it is easy to be blocked by the impurities in the fuel. For this reason, the filter screen should be cleaned periodically, and it is the same with the fuel tank. Usually, the essential oil has excellent cleaning effect. According to the requirement, the lubricant oil and lubricant grease should be applied to revolving parts, such as pinch roller, rotation axis, transmission shaft or wheel gear and so on, which can make sure the smooth operation. At the same time, the fuel dispenser also has requirement towards the fuel quality. Generally speaking, the fuel variety can't be changed frequently. That’s because the fuel dispenser has adaptability to certain fuel. Changing fuel type too frequently will weaken such an so-called adaptability.


Choosing a reliable supplier of fuel dispenser is quite important.It will deduce much risk of the daily maintenance. Welcome to choose “DESEINOR”,a trusted supplier!


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